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Working & Playing To Our Strengths…

“Using what you’ve got…” does not mean flaunt all your bodily attributes, just your innate talents. At first glance, you might be fooled into thinking that this is a limited edition, but these talents are tucked away in what we like to do, and in most cases do well. So why make life any harder than it should be? Good Question…

It would seem that a lot of us have the tendency to channel our energies into the things we may not like or even be good at, but instead we should hone our strengths and reach our optimum. Consider me this… How many hours a week do you spend working either at the office or at home? In all likelihood, it totals more hours than you spend on other activities. So now let me ask you this, how many of those working hours, do you actually enjoy and get a sense of accomplishment out of?

Not all that it could be, with room for improvement. Perhaps you are spending too much time and energy on your weaknesses i.e. things you don’t enjoy doing and struggle to do when you have to. Would your time not be better spent, and even more productive, if you could simply focus on your area of talents and hone your skills to perfection.

I have the “Maximiser” and “Developer” talents – both have the common theme of growth – on the one hand, I maximise on people’s strengths while with the other I will develop their potential over time – how much time depends on the individual. Now for this to happen I must gleam a spark of interest along with a potential to grow in the other person, needless to say this doesn’t always happen! This is why I am selective with my friends; first, I must find their strengths and potential, before granting them the friend status.

I also have the “Empathy” talent, which gives me the ability to put myself in other people’s shoes, but do not mistake my empathy for sympathy. My “Empathy” talent works well with my “Activator” talent, the side of me that can make the tough decisions even when some people’s feelings might get hurt. That “Empathy” talent really doesn’t like hurting people’s feelings. The impatient “Activator” talent works well with the “Strategic” best way forward talent that I also have.

To sum it all up, I have the “Maximiser”, “Developer”, “Empathy”, “Strategic” and “Activator” strengths – themes. So what is my ideal job? This is a question I have been asking myself recently, now that I’m on the first steps of the road to recovery!


About D.J. Haswell

I battled with depression, brought on by stress, for 10 years. During that time, I made many mistakes, due in no small part to the fact that I perceived my illness as a failing on my part. It took me a long time, coupled with hindsight, to realise that I hadn’t failed in my life, but rather that the circumstance of my life had failed me. I started my blog to bring hope to those currently suffering from the debilitating effects of depression that there is light at the end of what may seem like an unending tunnel!


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