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Feeling Left Out Again…

At the end of February of last year I got a phone call from my sister informing me that our mother (then aged 84) had suffered a major stroke and had been admitted to Addenbrooke’s stroke ward, in Cambridge. As I’ve already discussed, I felt immense sorrow and regret over not seeing my father before … Continue reading

…And Then There Was Me…

There is something to be said about the bond between a daughter and her father… As a little girl I wanted nothing more than to grow up and marry mine. In fact, the sentiment I was trying to portray was to find a man like my father… with the same morals, sense of adventure and … Continue reading

The ABC Of Mental Health Project

The other day I wrote about a virtual community currently housed on Google Plus – Dopamine Stream – that offers support to Mental Health sufferers by way of an allocated sponsor… As part of this community I’m setting up a blog aptly called The ABC Of Mental Health. A place for Mental Health sufferers and … Continue reading

DS Is For A Virtual Community…

I believe that a group of people or community can create an environment for change… The more we Stand Up for what we believe in, the more chances we have of being noticed as a Community, especially when it comes to Mental Health issues. The more we are noticed as a Community, the more chances … Continue reading

It All Started… Part Two

Previously… Back in 1951, the pubs in New Zealand closed at 6pm, while hotel bars stayed open for their guests until 11pm. Now, Rae had ever been in a pub but it seemed like the most natural thing to go for a drink before dinner. Earlier, as she had climbed into her car, her mother … Continue reading

It All Started… Part One

Rae had been restless all day. Whatever she did, her thoughts kept returning to Douglas and their two-year-old engagement. Most of her friends dreamt of getting married, but not Rae. She felt sure she had a lot of living to do before making that sort of commitment. She had met Douglas at a dance, and … Continue reading

Working & Playing To Our Strengths…

“Using what you’ve got…” does not mean flaunt all your bodily attributes, just your innate talents. At first glance, you might be fooled into thinking that this is a limited edition, but these talents are tucked away in what we like to do, and in most cases do well. So why make life any harder … Continue reading

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