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Joy In The Breath

A healthy happy life requires balance, easier said than done, at least back in my 20’s and 30’s. Looking back I rarely took the easy route, was always toughest on myself and as a perfectionist, I had to do everything myself. Not necessarily, the best plan, especially if you’re a single mother working full-time. Without … Continue reading

Feeling Left Out Again…

At the end of February of last year I got a phone call from my sister informing me that our mother (then aged 84) had suffered a major stroke and had been admitted to Addenbrooke’s stroke ward, in Cambridge. As I’ve already discussed, I felt immense sorrow and regret over not seeing my father before … Continue reading

DS Is For A Virtual Community…

I believe that a group of people or community can create an environment for change… The more we Stand Up for what we believe in, the more chances we have of being noticed as a Community, especially when it comes to Mental Health issues. The more we are noticed as a Community, the more chances … Continue reading

Stop The Stigma, Spread The Word!

Like me, if you feel strongly about stopping the stigma attached to Mental Illness, and the way many of us are treated in society, here are some things that you can do… Enlighten others on the subject; Start a blog if you don’t already have one; To gather momentum and followers try some or all … Continue reading

U Is For The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Just over a month ago, I came across this banner on a blog I was reading and thought that I should try it. Now what was I going to write about? That was the big question, and like most people who enjoy writing I’d heard the adage about writing what you know, but what if … Continue reading

J Is For The Journey Of Life

As the late, great John Lennon once sang ‘life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans‘. We can’t control every little thing no matter how hard we try but part of the thrill of life is those unexpected twists and turns. You start on one course and end up on a … Continue reading

R Is For The Road To Recovery…

These last ten years have been very intense for me… There were times when it felt like I’d moved forward two-steps only to jump back 15, but the one important thing to remember, for anyone out there going through a tough time, is I never gave up. There were times when everything seemed insurmountable, almost … Continue reading

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